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About Us

Welcome to Ignite NZ Limited, a leader in IT Professional Services and Procurement. As a proud Strategic Partner of Spark, we are dedicated to delivering innovative technology solutions and services across the central North Island.


Our Journey Begins:

Founded in 2013 by Chris Sharpe and Liam Tubridy, Ignite started with a dream and a dynamic team of six to serve as the IT Partner for Gen-i (now Spark) in Waikato. In fact, our name itself, a creative anagram of 'Gen-i IT', reflects our foundational commitment to the strategic partner model.


Our mission was clear from the start: Put people at the heart of the solution and service. Our method is centred on understanding who cares about it and why they care about it; the tech comes later.


From those early days as the IT partner for Gen-i (now Spark) in Waikato, our team has expanded to over 130 professionals serving multiple regions, including Waikato, Bay of Plenty, and Taranaki. Our growth is a testament to our ethos: combining technical expertise with genuine care for our client's needs and our staff. This philosophy has not only expanded our reach but has deepened our impact within the communities we serve


Leading with Expertise and Empathy:


Our team works closely with clients to align cutting-edge solutions with business objectives, ensuring the benefits are visible and tangible. Trusted as thought leaders, we handle technology's most sensitive and critical aspects with a blend of expertise and empathy.


At Ignite, we believe in nurturing talent and fostering professional growth. Many of our Technical Consultants began as Desktop Engineers and have grown into leaders within our company. We actively support internships, provide scholarships, and advocate for inclusivity in the tech sector, ensuring it is a welcoming field for everyone.


Looking Forward:

Under the continued leadership of Chris and Liam, we embrace the challenges of a rapidly evolving technology landscape. We celebrate our role as Spark's IT partner in our regions and are excited for the future and what we can achieve together.



Join us on our journey:


We are always looking for passionate individuals to join our team. If you’re driven to excel in a supportive and innovative environment, reach out to explore opportunities with us.

Our Leaders


Chris Sharpe

Co-founder, CEO

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Co-founder and CEO of Ignite NZ Ltd, Chris is a people-centric leader with extensive business management experience

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Liam Tubridy

Co-founder, CTO

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A former Solution Architect and co-founder of Ignite NZ Ltd, Liam offers a wealth of experience and insights in his role of CTO

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Dean Raven

Technical Services Manager

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An organised and dedicated professional with CEO experience and a proven track record in New Zealand's IT sector since 1994

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Marie Collins

Professional Services Manager

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Former CIO with decades of experience in strategy, digital, and change leadership across industries such as ICT, banking, and healthcare

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